Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Love - Drew League Vs. Goodman League

Yo...the two best Summer Leagues in the nation (arguably) are about to engage in a dream battle for hoop fans everywhere...thank you basketball Gods for not letting this Summer be a total let down due to the lockout. The game will be played on August 20, 2011 at 6:30pm at Coolidge High School in Washington, DC at 6315 5th St. N.W. I plan on being in DC for this one, but if not...somebody better be streaming it online dude. And as the rosters for the teams have been released...it's gonna' be nasty...plenty of Star Power in there...here are the rosters.

Drew League - "James Harden (OKC Thunder), DeMar DeRozan (TOR Raptors), Nick Young (WAS Wizards), Dorrell Wright (GS Warriors), Brandon Jennings (MIL Bucks), Javelle McGee (WAS Wizards), Craig Smith (LA Clippers), Pooh Jeter (SAC Kings), Bobby Brown (Aris BC), Marcus Williams (MEM Grizzlies) and 3 players TBA.”

Goodman League - "Kevin Durant (OKC Thunder), John Wall (WAS Wizards), Ty Lawson (DEN Nuggets), Gary Neal (SA Spurs), Tyreke Evans (SAC Kings), Michael Beasley (MIN Timberwolves), DeMarcus Cousins (SAC Kings), Josh Selby (MEM Grizzlies), Sam Young (MEM Grizzlies), Donte Green (SAC Kings), Hugh ‘Baby Shaq’ Jones (AND1 Mixtape Tour), Emanuel ‘Duce’ Jones and Warren ‘D-Nice’ Jefferson"


Harlem Heat

Kevin Durant dropped 66 points at the Rucker last weekend...jesus...how unstoppable is this guy? The homie has pretty much been on a country wide Hoop tour all Summer, just blazing every legendary spot there is; The Drew in LA, The Goodman League in DC, and now the Rucker...

Swagy P

Yo...my favorite player in the NBA...Nick Young (@NickSwagyPYoung) dropped a record breaking 60 points at the Drew last weekend...his team lost, but this video is insane...the big homie is ready for next season...looks pretty hungry to me...

50 Piece with a side of...Beard

James Harden dropped 51 in the Drew League earlier this summer, here's the video.

Summer Love (The Drew)

Lockout, Lockout, Lockout...yeah whatever, cuz' the real Hoopers in the League are still gettin' it in elsewhere. Trust me homie, I know...after a long Season, there's nothing like taking the shackles off your game and letting your skill set run free in a small, hot, sweaty gym on that part of town you know isn't typically safe; but who cares right? You tryna ball. LA's Drew League. I dream of playing on that court homie. This summer the Drew has not only been home to the hometown LA cats like Nick Young, Dorrell Wright, Bobby Brown, DeMar DeRozan, Marcus Williams, Brandon Jennings...the list goes on. But the Drew has also drawn a handful of elite players from the League because of the lockout. Bron Bron has shut the Drew down, as well as Kevin Durant, James Harden, Michael Beasley, Tyreke Evans, Wesley Johnson, Ron Artest, and Trevor Ariza, the list of pro's go on, those are just the one's off the top of my head. Here's some videos of KD and Bron at the Drew...Ball Is Life homie...