Wednesday, February 23, 2011

One Piece Away

Chi-Town is without question elite and D.Rose is probably the league MVP right now. You have a Top 5 PG, a decent SF in Deng, a dominant big man and top 5 PF in my opinion in Boozer, and Joakim Noah, who is the teams energizer at the Center position, he makes them boys go. You also have a straight bench, Kyle Korver, one of the leagues best pure shooters, Taj Gibson; who could start on a lot of other teams, the boy is a beast on the boards and blocks shots, then you have Brewer too, a solid defender on the perimeter. But this team is missing a shooting guard. No shots at Kieth Bogans who I think is a very good defender and good outside shooter, but he's just not a starting guard in this league. He doesn't produce enough. The Bulls need to make a move. They are after Courtney Lee of the Rockets, I think he would be a good addition. He's underrated, he went from being a starter on a good Orlando team that made it to the finals, to being traded around from Orlando, to Jersey, to Houston. The homie has game and could fill the starting spot for the Bulls. I wouldn't mind seeing Chicago bring in J.R. Smith from the Nuggets, or O.J. Mayo from the Grizzlies; both are guys that are moveable trade chips. With the deadline approaching, expect the Bulls to make a move, they need to.

D-Will to Nets

Earlier today, the Jazz pulled the trigger on a deal that sent Deron Williams to the Nets for Devin Harris, Derrick Favors, and some draft picks. This is a straight move for the Nets. Because even if D-Will doesn't plan on staying put because he'll be a free agent next summer; the Nets still have the rest of the season to convince D-Will to stay. Also, he's a very attractive piece that could bring in other free agents, who wouldn't want to play with one of the leagues best PG's? But as far as this move goes for the Jazz...they took a huge ass loss. I mean, to me, they were supposed to pick between coach Sloan and D-Will, both were the face of the Franchise. When they let coach Jerry Sloan go, they should have brung in better guys to surround D-Will with. But nope, they lose Sloan (he resigns) and then they trade arguably the leagues best PG. What are they gonna' do now? Call up Jerry Sloan and say "are you cool now, you ready to come back?" Hell no, they lost...bad move. But say D-Will likes it in Jersey after this season, and he signs next summer, that would make fore a huge power shift to the eastern conference that Melo started by moving to NY. I aint' mad at this though...the Warriors are one of my favorite teams in the league, and now with D-Will out of Utah, that playoff spot is Golden State's...

Don't Count Denver Out

With Melo gone, the Nuggets obviously lack the leagues best all around scorer (in my opinion besides Kevin Durant) and they are also missing that All-Star caliber player you need on your roster to make noise in the league. But, don't count the Nuggets out. They remind me a lot of how the Rockets have been over the last couple seasons, no real star player, lot of solid young talent and good guards. Raymond Felton was ballin' in NY before the trade, one of the most underrated point guards in the L. You also have Ty Lawson behind him, a guy who's capable of even being a starting PG, then you have solid wings like Arron Afflalo who can defend and score, and J.R. Smith, one of the streakiest but best shooters in the league. Then you have one of the leagues top 5 centers in Nene, a position that is almost impossible to come by. Then, you bring in guys from the trade, Wilson Chandler, one of the most versatile players in the league, and Gallinari, who can shoot it. The Nuggets will be straight man, solid ass team. They lack a real star for now but they'll be fine, it's time for J.R. Smith to step up and be more consistent, homeboi can score. Don't count the Nuggets out.

"Melo-Drama" Over

Melo finally lands in NY! The drama is finally over, Melo lands in the Big Apple in a 3-team 13-player trade where the Knicks get; Carmelo Anthony, Chauncey Billups, Renaldo Blackman, Anthony Carter, Corey Brewer(Wolves) and Sheldon Williams, while the Nuggets get; Wilson Chandler, Raymond Felton, Danilo Gallinari, Kosta Koufous, Timofey Mozgov, and the T-Wolves get Eddy Curry and Anthony Randolph. I think it's so dope that New York Knicks basketball is back, it's dope for the league. They aren't a title contender, but they are definatley playoff worthy and a couple pieces away from being in the upper echelon of Eastern Conference basketball. The sleeper in this deal though is Chauncey man, one of the best in the league, don't sleep on Billups man. Melo and Amare is one of the best duo's in the league though...NY is bacK!

Friday, February 11, 2011

The King's Friday homies. Which means I give you my top 5 list. Last week Kobe was on top of my SG's list, and the week before CP3 topped my PG list. Now, I give you my top SF's in the League.

1.Lebron James(26 ppg. 7apg. 7rpg.)- The King is slowly but surely becoming Batman in Miami, no more "Robin" bullshit. He scores when they need him to, and he runs the show when they need him to. Never has there been a player in the league with his speed, quickness, and power. Bron can score the ball with ease while being a sick playmaker on top, I mean, is there anything you would rather see than King James and D-Wade on the break toghether? Bron is having yet another MVP Caliber Season, second in the league in scoring, dropped 51 on the Magic last week and made it look easy...he's the King and he's looking to close in on a ring.

2.Kevin Durant(29 ppg. 7rpg.)- KD proved he was on Lebron's heels when he led Team USA in the Worlds last summer. Dude was in Istanbul going nuts. He put a young team that many people thought couldnt win on his back and brought back some Gold. On top of that, KD is the leader of one of the leagues best teams, and is leading the league in scoring for a second season in a row. KD is the best scorer in the league, at his size he can shoot it from anywhere on the floor, can handle it, get to the rim, finish, you can't guard this man...and the boy is clutch too. I know Portland is hurting right now...chose Greg Oden over the homie...reminds me of the 1984 draft when they chose Sam Bowie know...MICHAEL JORDAN.

3.Carmelo Anthony(25 ppg. 8 rpg.)- Now...first of all I'm not going to get into none of the trade rumors man. Melo is one of the leagues best scorers and if you watch him play he's probably the best in the league at scoring out of the triple threat position. He has sick footwork and jab steps, and one of the best mid-range jumpers in the league. From a pure scorer standpoint, Melo is right there with Durant. He dropped 50 on the Rockets recently, and 42 on the Mavs last night. Dude is still having a great season and carrying the Nuggets in the midst of all the trade rumors.

4.Paul Pierce(19 ppg.)- The Truth...still. Paul Pierce isn't known for having stand out regular seasons like he used to when he was younger, but when the Playoffs come around, dude turns his game up. Pierce has always been one of the best scorers in the league, he looks slow but the homie has that Cali handle and can shoot it from deep and mid-range. He also sneaks in SportsCenter's top 10 every now and then with a sneaky dunk on somebody. Pierce is one of the greatest Celtics of all time.

5.Rudy Gay(20 ppg.)- Rudy Gay is one of the leagues most athletic players and is the center piece of the Memphis Grizzlies. The face of the franchise. Rudy proved alot over in Instanbul last summer being a part of Team USA and bringing back gold. He can score, and his best moment this season was sinking that fade away game winner in Lebron's face right in front of the Heat bench at the buzzer. He's been on the cusp of becoming one of the leagues best at the SF position and he's starting to break through.

*Honorable Mention - Danny Granger(having a bad year despite averaging 20 ppg.),Caron Butler(When Healthy)

"Trey Allen"

Last night Ray Allen became the all-time leading 3 point shooter in NBA History...passing Reggie Miller. Allen went into the game needing just 1 trey ball to tie Reggie's record, and he hit 3 from beyond the arc. Salute to the best shooter of all time....He Got Game.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

He Got Game (Still)

Ray Allen is arguably the best shooter the league has ever seen. And tonight, he looks to achieve pure greatness. When Kobe and the Lake Show come to Boston tonight, Allen will be just 1 trey ball away from tying Reggie Miller's all time record of 2,560 career 3-pointers, and 2 away from breaking the record. How dope would it be if the game was tied...and Ray hit a three at the buzzer to win? Either way...the ageless homie is making history tonight...tune in. And how fitting is it that Reggie Miller will be behind the broadcast table calling the game on TNT...time to hand down that crown Reggie.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Melo has obviously been in the news just about every single day since he turned down the extension in Denver. And strangley enough, it hasn't had a negative impact on his play of late as he dropped 50 on the Rockets on Monday in a losing effort. But...on to the real news right? Melo's dream destination in New York of course, and New Jersey is out. But now the Lakers have recently emerged as another suitor for Melo, as well as the Mavericks who don't care if he signs an extenstion with the team, they just want to rent him for the rest of the year. Now...the Knicks have had a couple of good deals on the table, including a three team deal with the T-Wolves that would land Melo in NY. The problem with the Knicks is that they value their pieces too much, and they also know for a fact that if they don't get Melo this season at the cost of losing players like Wilson Chandler, and/or Danilo Gallinari, he'll walk to them in the Summer as a Free Agent. The problem the Nuggets have with this whole thing is that they don't want to lose him for free in the Summer that's why they need to trade him, but they need to stop being so picky and get a deal done as well as New York. Now, the Lakers have the pieces to bring in Melo, with Bynum and Artest, but I think their too conservative to pull the trigger on that deal. Even though the word is that Melo WOULD sign an extension with L.A., I don't see the Lakers making this move. It would be dope though, and a smart move for L.A. as it could have the same impact that the Pau Gasol deal had when they bought him in. I think Melo ending up in NY is inevitable, and I think it happens by the trade deadline this year.

Monday, February 7, 2011

"I Reminisce"

Yo, Happy Monday readers. In case you aint' know...every Monday I reminisce about something I miss in the game...a player...a team...a moment...anything. Last week it was the homie J-Will and his days in Sac-Town. This week..."I Reminisce" about the 2006-2007 Golden State Warriors Team. My most favorite NBA Team of all time, the Warriors of 2006-2007 were sick. Led by the homie Baron Davis, they were the most exciting team to watch in basketball and this team was ridiculous. The squad in 06-07 was stacked man; Baron Davis, Jason Richardson, Monta Ellis, Al Harrington, Mickael Pietrus, Matt Barnes, come on man, all those versatile players on one team? These dudes used to run and gun like no other team in the league. I got NBA League Pass for my birthday just so I wouldn't have to miss a Warriors game. This was the year they made that mid-season trade that shook things up for them when they bought in Stephen Jackson and Al Harrington from the Pacers for Troy Murphy and Mike Dunleavy. bed-room; full of Baron Davis and Warriors posters and pictures...and when the playoffs came around...boooy. They locked in the 8th seed and had to face the number 1 seeded Mavericks. I remember I taped every single game, stayed up late screaming at my TV, one of the best playoff series' I've ever seen in my life. No 8th seed team had ever beaten a 1 seed in a 7-game series, but the Warriors posted too many match up problems for the Mavs. They were the first 8th seed to do it...they took down the 1. Baron Davis was a hero and the savior of Golden State, Stephen Jackson was throwing up three fingers, Jason Richardson was splashing three's and dunkin' on cats, Monta Ellis was a young blur in the open floor, it was magic. Not to mention the second round when the Warriors faced the Jazz...and Baron had that ridiculous ass dunk on Kirilenko...the best dunk I've ever seen in my whole life. I remember I woke Moms up when it happened...was the first time she'd ever heard me swear. 2006-2007 Golden State Warriors...I Reminisce.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Kobe and Company

Yo...last Friday I did my top 5 PG's in the League, now for my top 5 SG's in the league. Here's my list.

1.Kobe Bryant(25 ppg.) - 81 points. The 15 year vet is possibly the greatest Laker of all time, which is a huge statement. I don't have to say much about the Mamba...his 5 championship rings and scoring titles speak for themselves. Kobe is the best player in the League arguably with Lebron James in the same boat. Best footwork we've seen since MJ, crazy clutch, mid-range game, fadeaway, what ever...he's got it in his game, he'll be the best here until he retires.

2.Dwyane Wade(25 ppg.) - D-Wade is part of the best duo in the League, and is still running things in South Beach. Some struggles early in the season are long gone and forgotten. Wade gets to the rim whenever he wants and is one of the best scorers in the league and has been for a while, when the homie is hitting jumpers he's literally unstoppable. In my opinion, although D.Rose is first on my mvp list... D-Wade and Lebron James should be able to like...split the MVP trophy, when Kobe's out of the league...Wade will be the best hands down.

3.Ray Allen(17 ppg.) - Jesus Shuttlesworth, the ageless one. Ray Allen is arguably the greatest shooter of all time. He's only 8 trey balls away from Reggie Millers All-Time 3 Point record, and this early in the season, I think it's safe to say Allen is going to shatter the big homies record. The prettiest shot...ever. Allen is part of that "Big 3" in Boston (4 with Rondo)and is a big reason why the Celtics are the best team in the league to me. Early in the season injuries plagued Boston, but Allen is having one of his best seasons ever shooting the ball and saved them early in the year. Part of that ridiculous 1996 Draft Class...Ray Allen still has game.

4.Monta Ellis(25 ppg.) - 46 points against the Rockets earlier this season, Ellis is one of the best scorers in the league, his 25 ppg. have him ranked 4th in the NBA. He's a blur in the open court, has a very nice mid-range jumper and is an above the rim finisher. Ellis is part of what I think is the best backcourt in the league, he deserved to be an All-Star this season but didnt get in. He's third in the league in steals and has always been in the top 5 in spg. with his quick hands. He's underrated and is no question an Elite 2-Guard in the league.

5.Joe Johnson(21 ppg.) - Joe Johnson got a huge ass contract in the summer, a contract a lot of people didn't feel like he should have gotten. "Joe Johnson isn't a max player." Earlier in the year Joey wasn't playing at an elite level, but since he came back from his injury he's been playing like a Max Player. Coming off a 37 point game against the Raptors, Johnson was chosen as an Eastern All-Star reserve. Smooth game, sick handle, can shoot it from mid-range and deep, Johnson has a complete offensive game and is a tough cover for anybody in the league.

*Honorable Mention - Eric Gordon, Kevin Martin, Manu Ginobli

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

On The Come Up

Last week Chris Paul headlined my list of the Top 5 PG's in the league. Now I give you a list of 5 PG's who are on the verge of being elite, but not quite there yet. Here's my list of "Almost, Not Top 5, Top 5" PG's in the league.

1.Raymond Felton(17 ppg. 9 apg.)- The former Tar-Heel spent the first 5 years of his NBA career with the Bobcats, where homeboy was basically playing in shackles. Now, in the free lance fast pace offense in NY, Felton is getting a chance to show his skills. He's averaging career highs in both points and assist, and his career season has him running the show effectivley in the Big Apple alongside Amare. The two have been one of the best duo's in the league all season long.

2.Stephen Curry(19 ppg. 6 apg.)- The son of former NBA Sharp-Shooter Dell Curry continues to carry the sharp-shooting DNA from Davidson (where he led the nation in scoring)to the NBA. Curry started the season off sort of rough, dealing with multiple ankle injuries. He's also in the midst of the dreaded "sophmore slump" but he's been getting back to his old form. Curry can score and is a very underrated play-maker, and I think the homie has the best in-and-out move in the league. My personal favorite on this list and 1-half of the best backcourt in the League.

3.Darren Collison(14 ppg. 5 apg.) - Darren Collison had a break out rookie season last year when Chris Paul got injured and he took over the PG duties. He had a game against the Mavericks where he posted 35 points and 15 dimes, and he also had a 20 assist game against the Warriors. Collison proved he was a solid NBA PG and the Pacers traded for him in the Summer. This season has been a bit different for Collison as he hasn't posted the spectacular numbers he was putting up last season, but he's far from a dissapointment. He was splitting minutes with back up point T.J. Ford early in the season and I think Coach O'Brien had him shackled up a little bit. Since O'Brien got fired last week Collison has been playing more freely, look for better numbers from him soon.

4.John Wall(15 ppg. 9 apg.) - The unanimous 1st pick in the draft, If it wasn't for Blake Griffin, Wall would be rookie of the year. He's a freak athlete and one of the fastest players in the league end-to-end with the ball in his hands. Wall's numbers have been solid all season long but he's still not 100%. It's scary what he's capable of at 100% as he's been battling the injury bug all season long showing he has some real toughness. Wall is a gifted player but he needs to improve his jump shot, defenses almost play him like they play Rondo. But the the man has game, he'll be an Elite PG next season.

5.Jrue Holiday(14 ppg. 7 apg.)- The 76ers PG is a very solid player. I had trouble deciding between Holiday and Brandon Jennings for this last spot. I gave it to Holiday because Jennings has been out for so long, but thats not to take anything away from Holiday. He's a solid player, good on the ball defender, and a good mid-range shooter. He had a really good Summer in the NBA Summer League and has proved he can be a starting PG in the league. He's the future of Philly.

*Honorable Mention - *Brandon Jennings, Aaron Brooks(Having a bad year),

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Foye Stepping Up

Yo, I told you guys early last week that the Clippers would be ok with the absence of Eric Gordon due to his wrist injury because Randy Foye had game and could step up and fill the void. And the homie from Villanova has done just that. Averaging 18.6 ppg. since he stepped into the starting lineup for the Clips; I think they'll be fine until Gordon gets back. Look for the Clippers to make a serious run at the 8th spot in the West while they try to make up ground for that 1-13 start on the season.