Sunday, February 5, 2012

Free Agent Wire - J.R. Smith

This past Summer J.R. Smith was one of the best Free Agents available, but due to the lockout the big homie signed a ridiculous deal to play in China, only to find out that the lockout would be ending soon after he began playing ball for Zhejiang Chouzhou. Smith has since then allegedly faked a knee injury to get out of his contract to return to the League, but that didn't go too well. However, with the Chinese season approaching it's end, Smith will be able to return to the NBA, and so far he's drawing heavy, heavy, interest from the Clippers, Lakers, and Knicks. His former Nuggets teammate K-Mart has already signed with the Clips as a Free Agent leading me to one question...where the hell are the Clippers getting all this damn money from? Well, wherever he goes he'll be ready to contribute right away, dude is fresh off a 60 point playoff game where he knocked down 14-18 treys...stop it J.R. this isn't NBA 2k...why you doing that to them over there?

Man On Fire

A few seasons back Don Nelson called his undrafted rookie sharpshooter the best shooter he had ever coached; huge statement considering the fact that Nelly coached Chris Mullin and Mitch Richmond. Morrow has been proving his former coach right ever since, in his first game as a pro, he dropped 37 on the Clippers. Now, in his second season with the Nets, Morrow goes 8-11 on trey balls and lights the T-Wolves up for a career high 42...yo Coach Nelly...thanks for the heads up.

Tony Tony Tony

I feel like everybody thinks Tony Parker is old because he's been in the league for so long, but dude is still in his prime, people forget he was winning Championships as a teenager with the Spurs. Last night the master of the floater became the Spurs all time assist leader passing Avery Johnson, and the record setting assist went to his long time running mate Tim Duncan...oh yeah...Tony P also dropped 42 on OKC in the game as well...he still got it.

Before Blake

Before Blake climbed up Kendrick Perkins and slammed his dignity in the rim, Baron Davis was responsible for the best dunk I'd ever seen...Game 3 of the second round Playoff series, 2007 Dream Season for the Golden State Warriors, and for a die hard fan, this dunk was bananas. I was in the basement at my Moms...when this happened, it was the first time she had ever heard me swear...

Best Dunk Of All Time

Yo...straight to the point, I almost got evicted from my apartment for all the noise complaints I got after I reacted to this dunk I've ever seen in my life. But...but...but...I'm still gonna' show love to the great dunks that came before thee. P.S. how dope is it that my guy CP3 assisted the best dunk ever?