Monday, January 31, 2011

"I Reminisce"

Yo, every Monday I'm going to reminisce about something I miss in the game. A player, a team, a moment, anything. And today...I Reminisce about Jason Williams...White Chocolate. I was a huge Jason Williams fan when I was growing up. Had posters and cut outs of him throwing that no look pass all over my bedroom walls. I was a big Sac-Town fan because of the homie, and I used to record all of his games that came on TV. When the Kings traded J-Will for Mike Bibby it broke my heart because they use to show all of Sacramento's games on national tv (TNT) so I always got to watch Williams play, but when he went to the Grizzlies...I never got to see him anymore...until NBA League Pass came about. The most exciting player to watch when he was a King, he was key to turning the Grizzlies franchise around getting them to the playoffs, and the homie won a ring with Miami...which was crazy dope. I remember he did that elbow pass in the rookie sophmore game, and i tried it in a game when I was a kid...and it went out of bounds. The epic no-look passes, the flashy, the sick handle, the pull up trey ball in transition, and that number. I wore 55 in high school and as a kid because of J-Will...I Reminisce.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Floor Generals

Every Friday until I've covered all 5 positions, I'm going
to do my top 5 at each position in the League. Starting with the PG's. Here's my list.

1.Chris Paul(16 ppg. 10 apg.) - CP3 Might not be putting up the most spectacular numbers this season like he's done in the past, but the Hornets are a more defensive minded team this year. Quickness, one of the best handles the league has ever seen, court vision, and that trademark floater. Cp3 changes the game like nobody else. Still the best in the league; the homie defines the Point Guard position.

2.Deron Williams(22 ppg. 9 apg.) - Deron Williams has been in constant comparison with Chris Paul since they were in College and it's going to continue to happen until they both retire. Deron Williams can easily be number 1 on somebody else's list, dude has a sick handle, he's quick, strong, and can shoot it from outside and mid range. Despite the Jazz' struggles this season, he's still in the top 2 in the L.

3.Derrick Rose(25 ppg. 8 apg.) - D.Rose has a sick game period. And he's improving on his jumper which if he continues to do, will make him literally unstoppable. Speed, Quickness, and he's a freak athelete that pulls off some sick dunks and reverse lay-ups on the regular. D.Rose is having a MVP caliber season and right now he's first on my MVP list.

4.Rajon Rondo(11 ppg. 13 apg.) - Rondo has had some crazy assist games this season, including 24 dimes against the Knicks. The knock on Rondo that alot of people put on him is that he's surrounded by hall of fame talent, but either way you look at it you can't deny his numbers man, plus he's a lock for first team All-Defense. One of the best Points in the league.

5.Russell Westbrook(22 ppg. 8 apg.)- Westbrook is arguably the most athletic guard in the league...including D.Rose. Even though he needs to work on his jump shot, he proved he's elite this past summer with team USA at the Worlds. Fast, quick, strong, and athletic Westbrook can get to the basket when ever he wants and compliments KD perfectly in OKC.

*Honorable Mention - Tony Parker
- Steve Nash

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Underrated

Here's my list of the top 5 most underrated players in the L.

1.Wesley Matthews(16 ppg.)- Matthews spent his rookie season with the Jazz last year and earned a reputation around the league as a very solid defender. His play got him a contract in the summer with the Blazers and since Brandon Roy has gone out he has become the best scoring option aside LaMarcus Aldridge. Along with being a good defender he can shoot the trey ball and get to the rim.
*Breakout Performance* - Dropping 36 on the T-Wolves hitting on 7 shots from three.

2.Wilson Chandler(17 ppg.)- Now in his fourth year in the League, Chandler found himself coming off the bench early in the season because Coach D'Antoni didnt want to play him at the SG position. As the season progressed Chandler quickly found himself in the starting lineup playing at the 4 position. Chandler is athletic, can stroke the long ball, rebound, is athletic and can guard the wing and the 4; dude has a nice all around game and is arguably the most versatile player in the league, can play the 2, 3, and the 4.
*Breakout Performance* - Although he dropped 31 on the Spurs this season, I'm going to say the game against the Celtics at the garden that was on ESPN (best game of the season so far to me) in which he posted 18 points and 12 boards against KG on national TV was his breakout game.

3.Nick Young(17 ppg.) - My personal favorite on this list, Nick Young is in his fourth year out of USC and if you've ever seen him play the homie gets buckets. He's a flat out scorer. Has one of the best mid-range games in the League and can get hot from outside. He's got that Cali-Handle and some bounce to go along with it. Young can hit some of the toughest shots and make them look easy. Although Young was sad to see his mentor Gilbert Arenas part ways with the Wizards; the departure of Arenas is what gave Young the chance to step into the starting lineup and he has been the Wizards most potent offensive weapon since.
*Breakout Performance* - Despite Young going off for a career-high 43 points and hitting on 7 three's against the Kings, I'm going with his game against the Lakers at the Staples Center in front of his home town fans of LA, Young hit on 6 three's pouring in 30 points off the bench.

4.Dorell Wright(17 ppg.) - Wright is in his 7th year in the League after spending his first six in Miami where he never really got to showcase his offensive ability early on. His first couple of seasons Miami was a really good title contending team so as a young player he didnt crack the rotation. Then he also spent a lot of time injured. But last year was his somewhat breakout year with Miami, and after Pat Riley and Eric Spoelstra didnt want him back, he signed a deal with the Warriors. Wright has become a deadly shooter from outside and his 112 Three-Pointers Made so far this season is good for number 1 in the league.
*Breakout Performance* - Wright hit on 9 three pointers against the T-Wolves and also had a 32 point game against the Atlanta Hawks.

5.Kevin Martin(23 ppg.) - Martin is in his 7th year and established himself as one of the best scorers in the league during his stint in Sac-town and hasnt changed his game since he's been in Houston. Kevin Martin flat out gets buckets, in just about every way you can. Martin is athletic and can shoot it, he can get to the rim, and he gets to the line. Martin leads the league in made free throws(342) and is second in free throw attempts. He's a versatile and agressive scorer.
*Breakout Performace* - Martin dropped 45 on Portland earlier this season, 5 short of his career high 50 points.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Nike Real Run 2010

Here's a sick video of The Nike Real Run from last summer. Some Pro's on here gettin loose; Nick Young, Brandon Jennings, Trevor Ariza, Bobby Brown got game but he's not in the league any more...lotta familiar faces...check it out it's dope!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The Clippers have been turning heads around the league ever since they turned around their 1-13 start to the season. The return of Baron Davis being in shape, of course the Monster that is Blake Griffin, and one of the best SG's in the league Eric Gordon have been the cause for the turn around. Now The Clippers suffer a huge blow losing Eric Gordon to a wrist injury until after the All-Star break. They'll miss his 24 ppg. but Randy Foye's got game, he'll have to step up big time though to keep the Clippers hovering around the 8th spot in the West.

Chalmers In, Arroyo Out

Coach Spoelstra has finally decided to go with Chalmers at the 1 for the remainder of the season. This is a move I think should have been done a long time ago. Chalmers isn't the best option at PG but after the season he had last year where he was the starter I didn't think Arroyo was better. Chalmers is a good defender but he gambles alot on D, he can also knock down the 3. Arroyo was pretty much "just there." Playing the position without really contributing, averaging just 6 ppg. and 2 apg. I think Chalmers gives them a more aggressive option. Spoelstra says “To be a point guard on a championship contending team, you really have to think the position, know exactly what the coach wants, really be an extension on the head coach, and in many ways take on the personality of the head coach." I think Chalmers is getting a shot to be Rondo in black and red; step in and run the show with 3 All-Stars (2 Hall Of Famers)around him. Even though Bron is the facilitator of this team; Chalmers has a chance to be special...a chance.

All-Star Snubs On The Way (In The West)

I hate All-Star voting. There's always fans who don't even watch this game and vote for "big name" guys. Yao Ming is the leading vote getter amongst Western Conference The big homie has been out since November. The power forward spot in the West creates a big "log-jam" of guys worthy of the All-Star nod. Here's a top 5 list of guys that deserve to make the All-Star Game...but most likely wont.

1.Kevin Love(21 ppg. 16 reb.)
2.Blake Griffin(23 ppg. 13 reb.)
3.Zach Randolph(20 ppg. 13 reb.)
4.LaMarcus Aldridge(21 ppg. 9 reb.)
5.Monta Ellis(26 ppg.)*4th in the league in scoring and not even in the top 10 vote getters for West guards*

*Honorable Mention - Russell Westbrook(22 ppg. 8 apg.)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Where To Melo?

So if you didn't hear yet, recently the Nets put the knife in any and all deals involving Melo. Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov held a press conference last Wednesday and basically just said it was taking too long (which it was) and it was becoming too expensive. Probably a smart move for them because "trade talk" usually has a negative impact on teams, especially if a deal takes as long as this one was. The Denver fans have been booeing Melo, but he shut them up last night going 6 for 8 from three, and scoring 36 points despite sitting out most of the 4th. I would like to see Carmelo leave Denver, but only for NY, he says thats his dream destination and I think it would be dope for him and the League if he ended up a Knick. I wouldnt mind seeing him in a Bulls Jersey either though.


Yo...welcome to my basketball mind. I'm currently in my last season playing ball for Rochester College, and I don't know what Im'a do when this shit is finally over. I'm a Wizards fan...I know...ouch. Gilbert Arenas changed my life, dude has been my favorite player in the League since he was at Golden State...but it's hard seein' him not at 100%, he might never be himself again. My favorite team of all time is the 2006 Villanova Wildcats team when they played with 4 guards; Allan Ray, Randy Foye, Kyle Lowry, and Mike Nardi. Ray was my favorite and he's who I modeled my game after when I was in HS. As a kid growing up I didnt like Michael Jordan because I was a big Reggie Miller fan...I know...blasphemy, I respected MJ as I got older though. Some of my favorite players in the League right now are Gil, Nick Young, Jamal Crawford, Aaron Brooks, Chris Paul, Ray Allen and Daniel Gibson. This game has been my life since as long as I can remember and from the time Reggie Miller went off in the 4th quarter in the Garden and told Spike Lee to "suck this d*ck" with his wife sitting right next to him in the 94' ECF, to that 60 point game Gil had at the Staples Center, not to mention all those game winning shots he hit when he was healthy...I remember it all. Welcome homies...welcome.

Reggie -

Villanova -(song is super gay) -