Thursday, March 24, 2011

One Hornet's Trash Is A Kings Treasure

When the Hornets drafted Marcus Thornton out of LSU I instantly thought they had finally added their best shooting guard to pair alongside CP3 since drafting J.R. Smith a few years back and not giving him the chance to develop. Thornton showed last season that he was nasty. When Cp3 went out last season with injury, it was the Rookie pair of Darren Collison and Marcus Thornton that were getting it done. Thornton is an explosive scorer, he's got a slept on handle too, he can get his shot off at anytime and the homie can stroke it. Yup...I saw promise in The Big Easy, the leagues soon to be best backcourt were gonna' be entertaining...but...things changed. Even though the Hornets started off the season hot, they bought in two new shooting guards both whom got placed ahead of Thornton in the rotation, and when he got his chances, he was inconsistent. Then...the Hornets GM pulled the trigger, a trigger releasing a bullet reminiscent of the one that shipped J.R. Smith out of town...only to see him end up in Denver and become one of the leagues best 3-point shooters; this was Thornton that got shipped to Sac-Town, and he has relished the opportunity. Since playing for the Kings, Thornton has averaged 22 ppg. and he dropped a career-high 42 points on the Warriors. When Tyreke Evans gets back from injury, the Kings have the potential to have one of the leagues top backcourts. First J.R. Smith, now Marcus Thornton; the Hornets have let go of two promising SG's; and while Smith and Thornton leave a sour taste in their former employers mouth, the Hornets may never see another two-guard in the Chris Paul era.

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