Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Smoke Has Settled (part 2)

Yo, I'm still breaking down some of the bigger deals that the trade deadline brought us. Next we have the OKC and Boston deal that sent Jeff Green to the Celtics for Kendrick Perkins (other players were involved in the deal). Now, for me as a fan,I hate this deal, it hurts. I never thought they'd break up that nucleus in OKC of Durant, Green, and Westbrook that they built the franchise around. But, for when it comes to analyzing the trade, it's a great move for both teams in my opinion. For the Thunder, they're bringing in size, they automatically become a serious contender in the West, like, I'm talking NBA Finals capability. With Perkins on board in OKC, they finally have a real big down there that can bang with anybody in the league. Perkins isn't the best offensive player, but he's solid and one of the best defensive big men int he league, Perkins puts OKC in the position to battle for the top spot in the West, and compete against the Spurs, and Lakers. For the Celtics, Jeff Green coming off the bench is good for them, they needed bench depth, but it's also a move for the future if Green sticks around. I mean, let's be real, even though Ray Allen is one of my favorite players the Celtics are old, and soon that'll be Rondo's team, adding Green with Rondo is dope for the future. Adding Green also adds a little bit more time to the Celtics title chases in the next couple years to come.

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