Monday, June 6, 2011

..."I'm taking my talents to..."

Yo, first of all, I know everybody is glued to the TV when the Finals are on, so you know what's going on, that's why I'm not covering that. So that brings us to the next big thing on the menu...this summer's Free Agent class. Although this summers sea of free agents doesn't tote the Sharks of last years frenzy, there are still some big fish swimming around. Last year was the biggest free agent class we've ever seen in the game, a class where players you could start your franchise with were available; Bron, Wade, Rudy Gay, Joe Johnson, Chris Bosh. We all let the dream scenarios play out in our imaginations, picturing Bron, or Wade with our favorite teams, only to watch the rat race end with the words "I'm taking my talents to South Beach,"...spawning a new cult of Miami Heat Fans, and Haters alike. Now, while the upcoming Free Agent class doesn't contain players you build your team around; it is full of players you complete your team with. This Free Agent Class is loaded with those missing pieces that could put a team over the top. A team like Chicago, who fell victim to that gaping hole at the 2-Guard position in the Conference Finals will be able to fill that void via Free Agency. I'm going to rank the top Free Agents at each position, we start with PG's in the next post...see you there homie.

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