Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"Mama there goes that man"

The Golden State Warriors have hired Mark Jackson as their Head Coach, Jackson has spent the last few seasons as the best announcer of all time (besides Marv Albert). Jackson brought some flavor to the announcer tables letting slick, and iconic quotes spill into the microphone; "hand down man down," and "mama there goes that man" are my two personal favorites. This is a dope move for the Warriors, as a kid Mark Jackson was the PG on my favorite team (The Pacers)and he defines the position. Mark Jackson was so crafty man, the type of guy to booty bump you all the way down the court while yelling out a play to get Reggie a open trey. He wasn't a stranger to a freaky no look pass every once in awhile either. A true floor general in every sense of the phrase, and is finally going from Coach on the floor to Coach on the bench. I think Jackson can turn the Warriors around because he was always a players player, a guy people would love to play with, and I think that will translate into him being a players coach. He's real, and he knows the game. I wonder if he'll be sitting on the bench saying "hand down man down" under his breath when Steph Curry knocks down a tripple in somebody's face; well...we'll see what happens, but until then..."Mama There Goes That Man..."

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