Monday, January 24, 2011

Where To Melo?

So if you didn't hear yet, recently the Nets put the knife in any and all deals involving Melo. Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov held a press conference last Wednesday and basically just said it was taking too long (which it was) and it was becoming too expensive. Probably a smart move for them because "trade talk" usually has a negative impact on teams, especially if a deal takes as long as this one was. The Denver fans have been booeing Melo, but he shut them up last night going 6 for 8 from three, and scoring 36 points despite sitting out most of the 4th. I would like to see Carmelo leave Denver, but only for NY, he says thats his dream destination and I think it would be dope for him and the League if he ended up a Knick. I wouldnt mind seeing him in a Bulls Jersey either though.


  1. Ny would be dope 4 melo, but they could def do more damage w/ him in chi-town. Ny doesn't have all the pieces yet 2 be a contender. Don't get me wrong, ny has a lot a talent and a nice amount of role players but no big scorers or closers other than amare while chi has rose, boozer, and noah. Add melo 2 dat and take weak ass deng out, or keep him 4 the 2 guard position and they would def be more lethal.

  2. Yeah true NY wont have a solid team besides him and Amare because they would have to give up Chandler and probably Fields or Gallinari to get him. But...Chi-Town would also be giving up Noah, so take him out of that.