Monday, January 31, 2011

"I Reminisce"

Yo, every Monday I'm going to reminisce about something I miss in the game. A player, a team, a moment, anything. And today...I Reminisce about Jason Williams...White Chocolate. I was a huge Jason Williams fan when I was growing up. Had posters and cut outs of him throwing that no look pass all over my bedroom walls. I was a big Sac-Town fan because of the homie, and I used to record all of his games that came on TV. When the Kings traded J-Will for Mike Bibby it broke my heart because they use to show all of Sacramento's games on national tv (TNT) so I always got to watch Williams play, but when he went to the Grizzlies...I never got to see him anymore...until NBA League Pass came about. The most exciting player to watch when he was a King, he was key to turning the Grizzlies franchise around getting them to the playoffs, and the homie won a ring with Miami...which was crazy dope. I remember he did that elbow pass in the rookie sophmore game, and i tried it in a game when I was a kid...and it went out of bounds. The epic no-look passes, the flashy, the sick handle, the pull up trey ball in transition, and that number. I wore 55 in high school and as a kid because of J-Will...I Reminisce.

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