Monday, January 24, 2011


Yo...welcome to my basketball mind. I'm currently in my last season playing ball for Rochester College, and I don't know what Im'a do when this shit is finally over. I'm a Wizards fan...I know...ouch. Gilbert Arenas changed my life, dude has been my favorite player in the League since he was at Golden State...but it's hard seein' him not at 100%, he might never be himself again. My favorite team of all time is the 2006 Villanova Wildcats team when they played with 4 guards; Allan Ray, Randy Foye, Kyle Lowry, and Mike Nardi. Ray was my favorite and he's who I modeled my game after when I was in HS. As a kid growing up I didnt like Michael Jordan because I was a big Reggie Miller fan...I know...blasphemy, I respected MJ as I got older though. Some of my favorite players in the League right now are Gil, Nick Young, Jamal Crawford, Aaron Brooks, Chris Paul, Ray Allen and Daniel Gibson. This game has been my life since as long as I can remember and from the time Reggie Miller went off in the 4th quarter in the Garden and told Spike Lee to "suck this d*ck" with his wife sitting right next to him in the 94' ECF, to that 60 point game Gil had at the Staples Center, not to mention all those game winning shots he hit when he was healthy...I remember it all. Welcome homies...welcome.

Reggie -

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