Friday, January 28, 2011

Floor Generals

Every Friday until I've covered all 5 positions, I'm going
to do my top 5 at each position in the League. Starting with the PG's. Here's my list.

1.Chris Paul(16 ppg. 10 apg.) - CP3 Might not be putting up the most spectacular numbers this season like he's done in the past, but the Hornets are a more defensive minded team this year. Quickness, one of the best handles the league has ever seen, court vision, and that trademark floater. Cp3 changes the game like nobody else. Still the best in the league; the homie defines the Point Guard position.

2.Deron Williams(22 ppg. 9 apg.) - Deron Williams has been in constant comparison with Chris Paul since they were in College and it's going to continue to happen until they both retire. Deron Williams can easily be number 1 on somebody else's list, dude has a sick handle, he's quick, strong, and can shoot it from outside and mid range. Despite the Jazz' struggles this season, he's still in the top 2 in the L.

3.Derrick Rose(25 ppg. 8 apg.) - D.Rose has a sick game period. And he's improving on his jumper which if he continues to do, will make him literally unstoppable. Speed, Quickness, and he's a freak athelete that pulls off some sick dunks and reverse lay-ups on the regular. D.Rose is having a MVP caliber season and right now he's first on my MVP list.

4.Rajon Rondo(11 ppg. 13 apg.) - Rondo has had some crazy assist games this season, including 24 dimes against the Knicks. The knock on Rondo that alot of people put on him is that he's surrounded by hall of fame talent, but either way you look at it you can't deny his numbers man, plus he's a lock for first team All-Defense. One of the best Points in the league.

5.Russell Westbrook(22 ppg. 8 apg.)- Westbrook is arguably the most athletic guard in the league...including D.Rose. Even though he needs to work on his jump shot, he proved he's elite this past summer with team USA at the Worlds. Fast, quick, strong, and athletic Westbrook can get to the basket when ever he wants and compliments KD perfectly in OKC.

*Honorable Mention - Tony Parker
- Steve Nash


  1. I like ur list, but not in dat order... 1. Rose 2. Westbrook 3. Rondo 4. Paul 5. Williams. 1,2,3, are having phenomenal years and are def better than 4 and 5 this season. Numbers don't lie fam.

  2. Come on pikk. Numbers dont lie, but we all know numbers aren't an accurate depiction of one's talent. Every teams situation is diffrent. Witht hat being said every players input will be diffrent.