Friday, February 11, 2011

The King's Friday homies. Which means I give you my top 5 list. Last week Kobe was on top of my SG's list, and the week before CP3 topped my PG list. Now, I give you my top SF's in the League.

1.Lebron James(26 ppg. 7apg. 7rpg.)- The King is slowly but surely becoming Batman in Miami, no more "Robin" bullshit. He scores when they need him to, and he runs the show when they need him to. Never has there been a player in the league with his speed, quickness, and power. Bron can score the ball with ease while being a sick playmaker on top, I mean, is there anything you would rather see than King James and D-Wade on the break toghether? Bron is having yet another MVP Caliber Season, second in the league in scoring, dropped 51 on the Magic last week and made it look easy...he's the King and he's looking to close in on a ring.

2.Kevin Durant(29 ppg. 7rpg.)- KD proved he was on Lebron's heels when he led Team USA in the Worlds last summer. Dude was in Istanbul going nuts. He put a young team that many people thought couldnt win on his back and brought back some Gold. On top of that, KD is the leader of one of the leagues best teams, and is leading the league in scoring for a second season in a row. KD is the best scorer in the league, at his size he can shoot it from anywhere on the floor, can handle it, get to the rim, finish, you can't guard this man...and the boy is clutch too. I know Portland is hurting right now...chose Greg Oden over the homie...reminds me of the 1984 draft when they chose Sam Bowie know...MICHAEL JORDAN.

3.Carmelo Anthony(25 ppg. 8 rpg.)- Now...first of all I'm not going to get into none of the trade rumors man. Melo is one of the leagues best scorers and if you watch him play he's probably the best in the league at scoring out of the triple threat position. He has sick footwork and jab steps, and one of the best mid-range jumpers in the league. From a pure scorer standpoint, Melo is right there with Durant. He dropped 50 on the Rockets recently, and 42 on the Mavs last night. Dude is still having a great season and carrying the Nuggets in the midst of all the trade rumors.

4.Paul Pierce(19 ppg.)- The Truth...still. Paul Pierce isn't known for having stand out regular seasons like he used to when he was younger, but when the Playoffs come around, dude turns his game up. Pierce has always been one of the best scorers in the league, he looks slow but the homie has that Cali handle and can shoot it from deep and mid-range. He also sneaks in SportsCenter's top 10 every now and then with a sneaky dunk on somebody. Pierce is one of the greatest Celtics of all time.

5.Rudy Gay(20 ppg.)- Rudy Gay is one of the leagues most athletic players and is the center piece of the Memphis Grizzlies. The face of the franchise. Rudy proved alot over in Instanbul last summer being a part of Team USA and bringing back gold. He can score, and his best moment this season was sinking that fade away game winner in Lebron's face right in front of the Heat bench at the buzzer. He's been on the cusp of becoming one of the leagues best at the SF position and he's starting to break through.

*Honorable Mention - Danny Granger(having a bad year despite averaging 20 ppg.),Caron Butler(When Healthy)

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  1. I really like this list fam, couldn't put it better myself, even the hon. mentions. Yea, Portland dropped the ball...TWICE, HA! And it seems like almost everybody from team usa last summer is having great years individually doesn't it?