Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Melo has obviously been in the news just about every single day since he turned down the extension in Denver. And strangley enough, it hasn't had a negative impact on his play of late as he dropped 50 on the Rockets on Monday in a losing effort. But...on to the real news right? Melo's dream destination in New York of course, and New Jersey is out. But now the Lakers have recently emerged as another suitor for Melo, as well as the Mavericks who don't care if he signs an extenstion with the team, they just want to rent him for the rest of the year. Now...the Knicks have had a couple of good deals on the table, including a three team deal with the T-Wolves that would land Melo in NY. The problem with the Knicks is that they value their pieces too much, and they also know for a fact that if they don't get Melo this season at the cost of losing players like Wilson Chandler, and/or Danilo Gallinari, he'll walk to them in the Summer as a Free Agent. The problem the Nuggets have with this whole thing is that they don't want to lose him for free in the Summer that's why they need to trade him, but they need to stop being so picky and get a deal done as well as New York. Now, the Lakers have the pieces to bring in Melo, with Bynum and Artest, but I think their too conservative to pull the trigger on that deal. Even though the word is that Melo WOULD sign an extension with L.A., I don't see the Lakers making this move. It would be dope though, and a smart move for L.A. as it could have the same impact that the Pau Gasol deal had when they bought him in. I think Melo ending up in NY is inevitable, and I think it happens by the trade deadline this year.

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  1. Well said bro, u hit the nail on the head. NY needs to stop bullshitting and let chandler and gallinari go or w/e they gotta do b4 LA smartens up and pulls the trigger 1st. Or if another team comes w/ a better offer, they're gonna be shit outta luck. And denver better stop being so picky, or they're gonna be assed out 2.