Wednesday, February 23, 2011

One Piece Away

Chi-Town is without question elite and D.Rose is probably the league MVP right now. You have a Top 5 PG, a decent SF in Deng, a dominant big man and top 5 PF in my opinion in Boozer, and Joakim Noah, who is the teams energizer at the Center position, he makes them boys go. You also have a straight bench, Kyle Korver, one of the leagues best pure shooters, Taj Gibson; who could start on a lot of other teams, the boy is a beast on the boards and blocks shots, then you have Brewer too, a solid defender on the perimeter. But this team is missing a shooting guard. No shots at Kieth Bogans who I think is a very good defender and good outside shooter, but he's just not a starting guard in this league. He doesn't produce enough. The Bulls need to make a move. They are after Courtney Lee of the Rockets, I think he would be a good addition. He's underrated, he went from being a starter on a good Orlando team that made it to the finals, to being traded around from Orlando, to Jersey, to Houston. The homie has game and could fill the starting spot for the Bulls. I wouldn't mind seeing Chicago bring in J.R. Smith from the Nuggets, or O.J. Mayo from the Grizzlies; both are guys that are moveable trade chips. With the deadline approaching, expect the Bulls to make a move, they need to.

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