Wednesday, February 2, 2011

On The Come Up

Last week Chris Paul headlined my list of the Top 5 PG's in the league. Now I give you a list of 5 PG's who are on the verge of being elite, but not quite there yet. Here's my list of "Almost, Not Top 5, Top 5" PG's in the league.

1.Raymond Felton(17 ppg. 9 apg.)- The former Tar-Heel spent the first 5 years of his NBA career with the Bobcats, where homeboy was basically playing in shackles. Now, in the free lance fast pace offense in NY, Felton is getting a chance to show his skills. He's averaging career highs in both points and assist, and his career season has him running the show effectivley in the Big Apple alongside Amare. The two have been one of the best duo's in the league all season long.

2.Stephen Curry(19 ppg. 6 apg.)- The son of former NBA Sharp-Shooter Dell Curry continues to carry the sharp-shooting DNA from Davidson (where he led the nation in scoring)to the NBA. Curry started the season off sort of rough, dealing with multiple ankle injuries. He's also in the midst of the dreaded "sophmore slump" but he's been getting back to his old form. Curry can score and is a very underrated play-maker, and I think the homie has the best in-and-out move in the league. My personal favorite on this list and 1-half of the best backcourt in the League.

3.Darren Collison(14 ppg. 5 apg.) - Darren Collison had a break out rookie season last year when Chris Paul got injured and he took over the PG duties. He had a game against the Mavericks where he posted 35 points and 15 dimes, and he also had a 20 assist game against the Warriors. Collison proved he was a solid NBA PG and the Pacers traded for him in the Summer. This season has been a bit different for Collison as he hasn't posted the spectacular numbers he was putting up last season, but he's far from a dissapointment. He was splitting minutes with back up point T.J. Ford early in the season and I think Coach O'Brien had him shackled up a little bit. Since O'Brien got fired last week Collison has been playing more freely, look for better numbers from him soon.

4.John Wall(15 ppg. 9 apg.) - The unanimous 1st pick in the draft, If it wasn't for Blake Griffin, Wall would be rookie of the year. He's a freak athlete and one of the fastest players in the league end-to-end with the ball in his hands. Wall's numbers have been solid all season long but he's still not 100%. It's scary what he's capable of at 100% as he's been battling the injury bug all season long showing he has some real toughness. Wall is a gifted player but he needs to improve his jump shot, defenses almost play him like they play Rondo. But the the man has game, he'll be an Elite PG next season.

5.Jrue Holiday(14 ppg. 7 apg.)- The 76ers PG is a very solid player. I had trouble deciding between Holiday and Brandon Jennings for this last spot. I gave it to Holiday because Jennings has been out for so long, but thats not to take anything away from Holiday. He's a solid player, good on the ball defender, and a good mid-range shooter. He had a really good Summer in the NBA Summer League and has proved he can be a starting PG in the league. He's the future of Philly.

*Honorable Mention - *Brandon Jennings, Aaron Brooks(Having a bad year),

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