Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dirk Nasty

Yo, I know I already gave out my playoffs award for MVP, and Dirk was my runner up, keep in mind though that I based the awards off of the first two rounds, not the East, and West finals. But...Dirk makes me want to go back. Dude is nasty, and unstoppable. Averaging just about 34 ppg. in the conference finals against OKC, including an amazing 48 point game 1, which was the best individual performance we've seen in a long time in the Playoffs, on top of another 40 point game 4, leading the MAVS to a 4th quarter comeback and OT win. The Greatest Shooting Big Man of all time continues to whisper greatness in the ears of NBA fans, and add more pages to his legacy as the face of the Dallas Mavericks. One win away from the NBA Finals...game 5 in Dallas...Dirk...I apologize for not picking you as Playoffs MVP homie...thanks for making me look like a jackass.

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