Saturday, May 21, 2011

Playoffs 2011 (Awards) - Iron Man

Yo, if you didn't know, I'm handing out my 2011 Playoff awards, yes I know there's still games being played, but I figure we don't need game recaps like that because most of us are watching the games anyway. And if your not...turn to Sportscenter bro. But last time I hit ya'll with my Co-MVP's of the playoffs; D.Rose and Kevin Durant, if you didn't read that, get caught up. Now, I give out my "Iron Man" award. This one right here is reserved for those who fight, no matter what, the Playoffs are a battlefield, toughness is essential homie.


Rajon Rondo(14 ppg. 10apg.) - Rondo averaged 14 and 10 in the playoffs, but throw the numbers out the window. The caliber of toughness the homie showed in the series against the Miami Heat was that of Allen Iverson back in his glory days. A.I. used to play banged up all the time, but nothing like what we saw in Game 3 of the Celtics Heat series. With 7 minutes to go in the 3rd in Game 3...Rondo got into a mini-wrestling match with D Wade, and the end result was one of the nastiest injuries I've ever seen on TV, I was 100% sure dude's arm was broken. No cast though, one more arm sleeve later...this fool returns to the game in the 4th Quarter and leads the Celts to victory with one arm. That's real right there, and dude didn't miss any games in the series either...#HEART.

*Runner Up - Carmelo Anthony - Dude averaged 26 ppg. in the first round, including a 42 point night where his shorthanded Knicks were straight outmatched and didn't stand a chance against the Celtics. Despite losing Chauncy and Amare early in the series, Melo still tried to put NY on his back in a losing effort.

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