Friday, May 20, 2011

First Round Wrap Up (Thunder)

Going into the Playoffs, I really thought the Nuggets had a legitimate shot at sending OKC fishing in 7 games, mainly because of the teams depth, 2 deep at every single position with starter-caliber players coming off the bench. But, yo...I was wrong. The OKC fans are the best in the league. When it came time for Game 1, all you saw on your TV was blue shirts bobbing up and down; crazy dedicated fans reminiscent of the "Cameron Crazies" at the Duke games. Ridiculous young talent, and fans like those create the dopest basketball atmosphere imaginable to any hooper on the planet, but it's hell for an away team. Kevin Durant, plus that College Basketball feel of the OKC "Ford Center" made for a crazy ass opponent for Denver. For the Nuggets, Ty Lawson proved he's a starting PG in the league, and Nene maintained solid play after dominating game 1. J.R. Smith also had a big game 4, which was the only game the Nuggets won, but Coach Karl refused to give Smith consistent minutes on the floor. But as we saw in Games 1 and 5, Kevin Durant showed he is hands down the best scorer in the League, the big homie refused to let the Thunder lose in the closing minutes of those games, ending up with 41 Points in both of them. Durant's scoring; the rapid emergence of Serge Ibaka in the paint as a defensive wall, aggressive play from Russell Westbrooke, and solid play off the bench from Eric Maynor and James Harden who was key on the defensive end frustrating J.R. Smith; was way to much for Denver to handle. Nobody in the league has a killer instinct like Kevin Durant...nobody.

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