Friday, May 20, 2011

Playoffs 2011 (Awards) - MVP

I'm not gonna' review every single playoff series individually like I did the Nuggets and Thunder, that was just the series I cared about the most besides Miami and Boston. But what we have seen thus far in one of the best NBA Playoffs in recent memory is the rise of an underdog, the 8th seed Memphis Grizzlies sent the Spurs home in the first round, and battled OKC for 7 games in the best series we've seen so far. The fall of a giant; the Dallas Mavericks sweep the Lakers with ease in the Conference Semi's. The rightful MVP, Derrick Rose becoming one of the best closers in basketball, and perhaps the most scrutinized duo Lebron James and D Wade rejoicing at center court after finally beating the Boston Celtics. But best of all, the new era of basketball is beginning to usher itself into the big picture; The Thunder, The Bulls (again), and of course the Miami Heat, join the Dallas Mavericks in a brand new pool of a complete conference finals make-over from last season. Now that we've seen our fair share of playoff basketball, aside from the soft ass techs being thrown's fair to say this shit is back, the game. I've compiled a list of my playoff awards up to this point (Conference Finals), and all the numbers are playoff averages, these awards have nothing to do with the regular season. Lets start with my MVP...Enjoy homies...


Co-MVP's - Derrick Rose(28 ppg. 8 apg.) & Kevin Durant(29 ppg. 7 rbg.)- First is D.Rose. The regular season MVP hasn't let anybody down with the lights on in the playoffs. Homeboy was nasty in the first round as he repeatedly stole games from the Pacers single-handedly in the closing minutes to help the Bulls escape out of the first round in 5. Without the homie D.Rose, there's no way that team wins any of those close games. On top of those freaky reverse lay-ups in traffic, and all the buckets, the league MVP has went out and played game after game with injuries, dude has heart too. After suffering that nasty ankle injury against the Hawks, he still didn't miss a single game as he carried his team through the second round as well. D.Rose in one word....EXPLOSIVE. Next, Kevin Durant; best scorer in the league, hands down. First round, mainly in Games 1 and 5 against the Nuggets, KD exploded for 40+ showing he has a killer instinct that just will not allow him to let the Thunder lose if he can help it. Smooth mid-range jumpers, trey balls, and some sneaky athleticism and handle; Durant has shown it all in the Playoffs. He was also the hero in the 7 Game thrill ride against the Memphis Grizzlies. For Durant, it has to be frustrating playing with Russell Westbrooke, who at times, will take more shots than he should. Yo, it's like this, if your playing with the best scorer in the league (literally) then you shouldn't be taking more shots than him, period, especially on late possessions that determine the outcome of the game. But, nevertheless, Durant always keeps his head, and never throws Westbrooke under the bus in press conferences, the homie is the ultimate teammate as well.

*Honorable Mention - Dirk Nowitzki(29 ppg. 8 rbg.) (Zach Randolph(22 ppg. 11 rpg.)

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