Monday, May 23, 2011

Playoffs 2011 (Awards) - Dynamic Duo

Yo, still handing out my awards for the 2011 Playoffs. So far you've got my Co-MVP's; D.Rose and Kevin Durant, and my "Iron Man" of the Playoffs...Rajon Rondo. Now, I give you my award for the best "Dynamic Duo." When you think of a dynamic duo, you think...Batman and Robin, Spongebob and his slightly less incompetent companion Patrick, just throwing out some random ones. But on the hardwood, you usually get duo's in the package of a guard, and a big. When you think of a great duo, you think; Stockton and Malone, Kobe and Shaq, Penny and Shaq, Magic and Kareem, Bird and McHale, Payton and Kemp, Duncan and Robinson, and'll get a rare duo of two perimeter players...that's when you get something crazy special like Jordan and Pippen. Well, the basketball Gods have once again dabbled in mortal affairs, creating the best Duo of perimeter players we've seen since Jordan and Pippen. And while most hate, you don't get instant gratification with greatness, it takes time...or does it?


Lebron James(25 ppg. 9 rbg. 5 apg.) and Dwyane Wade(25 ppg. 7 rbg. 5 apg.) - The most hated; there is no "Batman and Robin" here; there is no, lesser companion. This duo speaks of super hero team up's straight from the pages of your favorite comic book, mirroring Justice League's Batman and Superman, or The Avengers' Captain America, and Thor, you choose. James and Wade (and Bosh) have made the Miami Heat the most hated and scrutinized team in the history of the league, and well...I think they love it. James and Wade have both averaged 25 ppg. in the playoffs while still managing to play stifling defense night in and night out. We don't need to talk about the first round (with respect to Philly) here, what we talk about is the second round grudge match against the Boston Celtics. How ironic is it that the Celtic jersey, draped in Green resembles Kryptonite; the weakness of Superman...or...Lebron James. James has never been able to get passed the Boston Celtics, the big three of bean town; Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, and Kevin Garnet (and Rondo = Big Four) has been too much in the past, and even this regular season, for James to overcome. But the playoffs were different. We finally saw James, teamed up with an equal; Dwyane Wade. The duo was too much for the Boston Celtics to handle, and Game 5 sums it all up; 34 Points by Wade, and 33 by James as the Duo took down the giant of the Eastern Conference. James finally got over the hump, knocked that big ass chip off his shoulder, how ever you want to put it. And when it was all over...the two met at center court for one of the best moments of the playoffs...#LOVE.

*Runner Up - Kevin Durant(29 ppg. 8 rpg.) and Russell Westbrook(24 ppg. 5 rpg. 6 apg.) - The young duo of the OKC Thunder have proven to be almost unstoppable in these playoffs when both are clicking on the same night. Despite some bad in game decisions by Russell Westbrook at times; taking shots away from the leagues leading scorer, the Thunder Duo has still managed to co-exist on and off the court. Durant is a pure scoring monster, how do you want it? Game winning shot, smooth mid range game, or a deep three for the dagger? And Westbrook, a freak athlete, and when he's in rhythm, playing under control, can get to the basket and finish and knock down the mid-range jumper. The young duo has got their team playing for a shot at being in the Finals...could we see a match-up of the two best duo's of the playoffs, squaring off for a shot at a title?

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